Technical Options Trading Course Level 1

What's Included In Bundle

  • Trade Alert Service

    1 Year of Trade Alert Service

    Access To My Personal Account Trade Alerts, Access To My Trade Ideas, Trade Questions & Answers, Chart Request, Community Chat, Trade Discussion Room.

  • Course

    8 Live Two hour sessions (prepare for three hours)

    Live Q & A during and after each session. The course covers portfolio construction, advanced technical analysis, personal playbook & three bread and butter advanced option strategies.

Course outline

  • Portfolio Construction

    Learn how I separate my trading portfolios by risk and trading styles.

  • Advance Technical Analysis

    Learn advance techniques to analysis charts, how to time your entries and exits for better risk/reward. Learn my personal playbook, my favorite plays, high probability setups.

  • Advanced Option Strategies

    Learn 3 bread and butter advance option strategies I use in majority of my trades. Will teach you what to do and how to adjust if a trade goes against you. If there is time I will throw in a few bonus strategies.